Chroma-Q Color Force II Has All the Looks for Where We Live Arts Programme at St. Patrick’s Festival Dublin

Chroma-Q Color Force II Has All the Looks for Where We Live Arts Programme at St. Patrick's Festival Dublin

The multi award-winning Chroma-Q Color Force II luminaire helped lighting designer, Sarah Jane Shiels to achieve a diverse range of show looks for the ‘Where We Live’ arts programme – a highlight at this year’s St. Patrick’s Festival, Dublin.

Presented by theatre and events production company, THISISPOPBABY in association with the Festival, funded by The Arts Council and Dublin City Council, and hosted by the Complex, ‘Where We Live’ featured politically-charged stories about what it feels like to live in Ireland and Dublin today – told through a programme of commissioned theatre pieces, work-in progress showings, and music events.

LD Sarah needed to find the right fixture to deliver her strong creative vision for each show, which ranged from a full choral music performance to spoken-word talks.

Equipment supplier, Cue One Ireland recommended the Chroma-Q® Color Force II™ LED luminaire – a powerful cyc, wash & effects light with a huge colour palette ranging from subtle pastels for illuminating set backdrops, to punchy saturates for bringing to life more dynamic theatrical performances.

Sarah commented: “The Color Force II is such a great creative tool. As a designer I found its colour palette gave me a huge amount of freedom, which was important as the really diverse range of artists and performances called for very different lighting.”

The Color Force II fixtures were supplied to Cue One Ireland by A.C. Entertainment Technologies.

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