SmartBatPlus Wireless Battery LED Uplighter


PROLIGHTS SmartBatPlus wireless battery LED uplighter is the latest member of the successful SmartBat range, offering more advanced features such as WDMX, waterproof housing, increased brightness and high definition optics. It’s finished in a compact housing with a mirror finish for blending in to the surroundings.
Dot Q Wireless Battery LED Luminaire

Dot Q

PROLIGHTS Dot Q wireless battery LED luminaire is an high-density battery operated washlight with a 15W RGBW/FC LED source that is extremely compact, bright and waterproof. The fixture has a low profile, is lightweight and the cable-free operation allows Dot Q to be used virtually anywhere.
SmartBat LED Wireless Battery Uplighter


The PROLIGHTS SmartBat is a simple, cost effective and compact wireless battery RGBW LED uplighter designed for the event industry. It can be used stand alone using the IR remote, as well as connected to a lighting console or mobile app using a proprietary wireless DMX transmitter.
Tabled Wireless Battery LED Table Centre Range


PROLIGHTS Tabled wireless battery LED table centre range is an ingenious product which offers beautiful table lighting for events whilst keeping atmosphere in the room. Based on a stunning aesthetic design, it is not only a stylish centerpiece but fast to deploy and easy to use. With local control and wireless DMX, it can either act as a standalone table light or part of a spectacular event lighting package.
Smart Disk Wireless Battery LED Table Centre

Smart Disk

PROLIGHTS Smart Disk is an IP54, wireless, battery powered RGBW LED table centre. Designed for both branding events and adding a controllable element to a table it adds an extra dimension to an event design.
Smart Torch Wireless Battery LED Candle

Smart Torch

PROLIGHTS Smart Torch is an IP54 wireless, battery powered LED candle designed specifically for the event industry. Maintaining the aesthetic look of a candle, and with a simple normal flame effect, the Smart Torch can then become part of a show with its RGBW LED and wireless DMX control.