PROLIGHTS Moving Lights
PROLIGHTS Moving Lights

PROLIGHTS - Moving Lights

Our range of PROLIGHTS moving lights includes the Astra Wash, Astra Beam, PixieWash, PanoramaIP range and Ra 2000Profile fixtures.

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PROLIGHTS Moving Lights

PROLIGHTS - Moving Lights

Astra Wash Range

Astra Wash Range

Available in 7Pix and 19Pix, The versatile PROLIGHTS Astra Wash range of LED moving wash lights offers advanced creative effect possibilities.
Astra Beam260IP

Astra Beam260IP

The PROLIGHTS Astra Beam260IP is a compact outdoor IP65 beam moving head with a long lamp life source, engineered to produce a sharp and parallel beam of light with a boosted light output, thanks to its brand new Osram 260W PRO arc lamp.
Astra Wash7PIXIP

Astra Wash7PIXIP

The PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7PIXIP is an IP65 LED moving wash light, designed in a small and lightweight body, with the same features and performances as its indoor version. The Astra Wash7PIXIP has a 7x40W Osram RGBW LED light source, and an extremely high-efficiency optical system capable of zooming from 4° to 56°, making this luminaire extremely versatile for any application as a beam or wash light.
Ra 2000Profile LED Moving Profile

Ra 2000Profile

The PROLIGHTS Ra 2000Profile moving LED profile is silent, bright, and even with framing shutters that can be used with its gobo and animation wheels. Featuring a 540W 6000K LED source and a compact footprint the Ra 2000Profile is an ideal workhorse for theatre, touring, corporate and broadcast.
Jet Spot4Z LED Moving Spot Light

Jet Spot4Z

The PROLIGHTS Jet Spot4Z is a bright 180W 6800K LED spot luminaire designed to replace a 300W discharge fixture. Featuring full CMY colour mixing, its custom optical system delivers a consistent output with a flat field and crisp gobo projection right though the massive 8° to 40° zoom range.
Pixie Wash LED Moving Wash Light

Pixie Wash

The PROLIGHTS Pixie Wash LED moving wash light is a compact, zoomable LED wash, featuring near silent operation and a 60W single source RGBW LED.
Pixie WashXB LED Moving Wash Light

Pixie WashXB

The PROLIGHTS Pixie WashXB is a single source LED moving wash light with an extensive zoom range. Featuring a proprietary RGB+WW LED source, it offers both a powerful output as well as a high CRI for illuminating people and objects.
Ruby Moving Beam Light


The PROLIGHTS Ruby moving beam light is a powerful luminaire, harnessing a 132W discharge source into a tight 2° beam featuring dual prisms, colour wheel and gobos.
Jet Spot3 LED Moving Spot Light

Jet Spot3

The PROLIGHTS Jet Spot3 is an LED spot luminaire designed to deliver a stunning light level for its size and price point. Ideal both for installation and for rental, the Jet Spot3 focuses on maximising the light output from its LED source to deliver a crisp, bright and very even beam.
Stark Bar1000 LED Moving Batten

Stark Bar1000

The PROLIGHTS Stark Bar1000 LED moving batten is a linear light curtain, cyc light and washlight featuring 16x 40W Osram Ostar LEDs, motorised tilt and a massive zoom.
PanoramaIP WBX LED IP65 Moving Wash Light

PanoramaIP WBX

The PROLIGHTS PanoramaIP WBX is a stunning IP65 high output, LED wash luminaire, with pixel ring effects, designed to bring the workhorse LED wash light to outdoor events.
PanoramaIP AirBeam IP65 Moving Beam Light

PanoramaIP AirBeam

The PROLIGHTS PanoramaIP AirBeam IP65 moving beam light is an incredibly powerful beam and searchlight, featuring CMY colour mixing and multiple prisms, for big impressive beam looks.
PanoramaIP Spot LED Moving Spot Light

PanoramaIP Spot

The PROLIGHTS PanoramaIP Spot is an IP65 rated moving LED spot designed to deliver stunning brightness in any environment. It is equipped with a 7000K white LED source, incredibly even beam, 5 – 50° zoom and complete feature set.
Pixie Beam LED Moving Beam Light

Pixie Beam

The PROLIGHTS Pixie Beam LED moving beam light is an ultra compact, bright LED fixture featuring a single RGBW source, 4° beam with infinite pan and tilt.
Stark Blade8 LED Moving Batten

Stark Blade8

The PROLIGHTS Stark Blade8 LED moving batten is an LED “blade” effect luminaire featuring 8x40W LEDs, infinite pan and tilt, along with a massive zoom range.
Jet Beam2 LED Moving Beam Light

Jet Beam2

The PROLIGHTS Jet Beam2 is an LED spot luminaire designed to deliver a stunning light level for its size and price point. Ideal for both installation and rental, the Jet Beam2 focuses on maximising the light output from its LED source to deliver a crisp, even beam from a compact size.
Jet Spot2 LED Moving Spot Light

Jet Spot2

The PROLIGHTS Jet Spot2 LED moving spot light is a compact luminaire featuring a 150W white LED source, colour wheel, dual gobo wheels, and a 20° beam.