Tourflex Cabling - Custom Cable Manufacturing

Tourflex Cabling – Custom Cable Manufacturing

Tourflex® Cabling is manufactured in a large, in-house, dedicated workshop that has been making and supplying specialist custom cabling to the entertainment industry for over 40 years.

Able to supply custom cable assemblies to a client’s exact specification, over 6,000 cables a month are regularly assembled from over half a million metres of raw cable a year.

Manufactured exclusively in the UK and holding a large, varied stock of components, orders can be turned around quickly and often supplied next day for last minute emergencies.

Each cable assembly can be customised from a huge range of specialist, high quality connector & cable types along with length, labelling and inventory tagging.

To ensure the high quality and reliability that Tourflex® Cabling is renowned for, each cable assembly is fully tested before dispatch, ready for immediate use.

Tourflex® Cabling offers;

  • Fully bespoke cables, made to your exact specification
  • Rigorous quality control and testing of every cable assembly
  • High quality components from industry standard brands
  • High-speed service for emergency orders
  • Laser engraving, overmoulding, personalised branding and colour coding available

How to Place an Order

Call our sales team on +353 87 4600 202 or email for pricing and to discuss.

Tourflex® Cabling Custom Options Include

  • Power Cables
    Single Phase110V and 240V, 10A-125A cables, adaptors and extensions with Neutrix, MK or Tourmate blue 240V and yellow 110V connectors.
    3 Phase415V, 16A-500A 3 phase cables, adaptors and extensions rated up to 500A with Tourmate, BAC or Powersafe connectors.
    MulticoreMains multicore spiders, looms, extensions and stage boxes with Tourmate Multilock Plus or Socapex to multiple single phase outlets.
    Tourmate Powersafe500A and 800A 3 phase power assemblies with copper or aluminium conductor cable.
    DistributionBespoke 16A-500A distribution boxes with MCB, RCD and RCBO protection and using full range of single and 3 phase connectors.